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Adult ADHD &
Psychological Testing

 Adult ADHD therapist and psychological testing
in Austin, Texas & Denver, Colorado

Comprehensive Psychological Assessments

Dr. Turinas specializes in providing thorough assessment evaluations for adult ADHD, IQ/giftedness, learning disabilities, and diagnostic clarifications. These evaluations can be crucial for securing school or standardized test accommodations and are always customized to meet the unique needs of each patient. After completing the testing, a meeting is scheduled to explain all results and a detailed report will be provided.

Our psychological evaluations are designed to be a collaborative and insightful process. They involve multiple meetings, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your needs and concerns, as outlined in the timeline below.

Our Testing Services Aim To:

Build a clear understanding of your strengths and challenges.

Provide clarity of diagnosis and direction for future therapeutic work.

Answer any specific questions you have regarding your mental health.

Create clear recommendations on next steps to set yourself up for success.

Establish documentation needed for accommodations for school, work, or standardized tests.

Why Choose Assessment Testing?

Assessment testing can be an invaluable starting point for those who are curious about their cognitive and emotional functioning, have unclear diagnoses, or have previously been in therapy without making the desired progress. By gaining deeper insights through testing, we can create a highly informed and tailored approach to your therapy.

Flexible Testing Options

For your convenience, Dr. Turinas offers ADHD testing virtually for patients throughout Texas and Colorado. Options for in-person evaluations are also available in Austin and Denver if scheduling allows. 

Immediate Availability for ADHD Testing

Dr. Turinas currently has immediate availability for all testing services. Reach out today to schedule your assessment and take the first step towards a better understanding of yourself.

Testing Process:


Call to get scheduled:

During your initial call Dr. Turinas will assess your needs, assure testing is the best option, and get you scheduled.


Clinical Interview:

This is a 1-hour meeting to gather background information and learn about your testing needs and questions.

*Immediate Availability



Based on your needs testing is customized, and can range from 2-6 hours, breaks can be taken as needed. 

*1-2 weeks following clinical interview


Feedback Session:

This is a 1-hour meeting to review testing results, explain implications, and answer any questions.

* 2 weeks following testing


Next Steps:

Recommendations based on your testing results will be provided. As well you will receive a thorough report of testing.


Austin Office-Westlake

2525 Wallingwood Drive 7D
Austin, Texas 78746

Denver Office-Glendale

1777 S Bellaire Street Suite 339
Denver, Colorado 80222

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