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Individual Relationship Counseling

Dynamic & Empathetic Relationship Therapist in Austin, TX & Denver, CO

Focused on helping you build secure attachments and address family of origin trauma

Feeling Isolated? Struggling with Friendships? What about dating?

Struggling to build meaningful relationships, navigate dating, establish romantic relationships, or having friendship struggles? I work with people to understand relationship patterns, process unhealthy or traumatic past relationships, address family of origin trauma, and develop the skills needed to create meaningful connections with others. I welcome people of all sexual orientations.

Let's build healthy boundaries...

Are you struggling to establish boundaries in your relationships?

Maybe you are a people pleaser?

Healthy boundaries are essential for maintaining a balanced and fulfilling connection with others. If you are a people pleaser boundaries can often be hard! How do you prioritize your own needs while not feeling as through you are letting others down? Individual counseling to address relationships can empower you to take this step and build health boundaries within your life. 

... and create meaningful relationships!

Are you yearning for deeper and more meaningful connections with others?

Building meaningful relationships involves self-awareness, empathy, and effective communication. In therapy, we explore your relational patterns, attachment history, and core values to understand what is holding you back from thriving in your relationships. Through a blend of psychodynamic exploration and interpersonal skills development, we uncover the nuances of authentic intimacy and emotional reciprocity. For many this involves exploring struggles with trust, vulnerability, and conflict resolution to understand how to fostering genuine and fulfilling relationships. Whether you are struggling with dating, friendships, or family relationships, counseling can help. Together lets embark on this journey to change how you approach connection with others and yourself.

Relationship Therapist Austin, TX & Denver, CO

You do not have to do this alone, I am here for it all!

As a psychologist who specializes in intimacy & relationships, I have extensive experience working with individuals as they navigate all types of relationships. If you are looking for individual relationship counseling you have come to the right place! I love working with people as they work to question how to build and maintain happy and health relationships with themselves and others.


My practice embraces diversity in all its forms. I have extensive experience providing affirming and culturally competent care to individuals across the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Additionally, I offer non-judgmental support for clients exploring or engaging in various relationship structures, including open relationships and polyamory. I am also knowledgeable about and respectful of diverse sexual practices, ensuring a safe space for clients to discuss all aspects of their relationships and sexuality

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Navigating Relationships can be Complex
Let's help You Build Healthy & Rewarding Relationships

You can feel more connected in your relationships through individual counseling

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Looking for help navigating parenting?

Are you a parent struggling to navigate the complexities of raising children?
Parenting can be rewarding yet challenging, especially when dealing with behavioral issues, communication barriers, or family dynamics. I love working with parents in all stages of parenthood. Learn more about how I work with parents from fertility through the early years of parenting.


Austin Office-Westlake

2525 Wallingwood Drive 7D
Austin, Texas 78746

Denver Office-Glendale

1777 S Bellaire Street Suite 339
Denver, Colorado 80222

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