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Resources for New Dads

Emily Turinas

2 min read

Apr 25



We often focus on resources and therapy for new moms, but what about new dads? Here are some valuable links and resources from a prenatal therapist to organizations and groups that may provide support for dads during this transition. Approximately one out of every ten fathers experiences postpartum depression, while as many as 18% encounter a clinically significant anxiety disorder, such as generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder, either during pregnancy or within the first year after childbirth. Dads need support too!

Resources for new dads

  • Postpartum Support International Support Line

    • Call or Text 1-800-944-4773

  • PSI Chat with an Expert: First Monday of each month, 7pm Central

    • This is a place where dads, partners, extended family members or other support people, and professionals can find some answers and support from an expert – and from other men.

  • Dad's Support Group: Every Friday, times vary

    • Our online groups are here to help you connect with other dads who have newborns up to toddlers. Our groups allow you to talk and listen to other dads as they process their experiences.

  • New Dads Place: Closed Facebook group for new dads to share in a safe and private place

  • The Good Men Project: A website to address what it means to be a good man and dad in today's world.

  • National Fatherhood Initiative: Helps engage dad's in their children's lives


  • The New Father: A Dad's Guide to the First Year, by Armin A. Brott

  • Fatherneed: Why Father Care is as Essential as Mother Care for Your Child, by Kyle D. Pruett

  • Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know, by Meg Meeker

If you are are a new dad or parent and feel like you might need additional support throughout this adjustment period, therapy might also be helpful. Postnatal therapy is not just for new moms but has also been shown to help new dads as well. See if Emily Turinas PhD is a good fit for you. She is a perinatal psychologist who specializes in therapy for new moms & dads in Austin, Texas & Denver, Colorado. Schedule a free consultation today to see how Dr. Turinas could help you build clarity and direction in the chaos of parenthood.

Emily Turinas

2 min read

Apr 25





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